August 28, 2017 nikita

First time promo video tips for start-ups


So, you’ve reached a point in your start-up development where you’re starting to think about ordering your very first promotional video. Great! Following the points below, you’ll be able to keep that promo budget from bursting and end up with an awesome final product. 

Know your target audience

You might think “well, daah”, but actually a lot of start ups come in expecting a video that reaches everyone. Video is a product, and like with any other product if you simultaneously target it towards everyone from a 6 year-old school kid to a business angel, the chances are you’ll end up with only a thumbs up from your mom.

Settle on one message

What do you want to say with this first promo? By compressing a lot of messages into a span of a few minutes, or even seconds, will result in a very confusing compote. Pick a single message you want to convey and stick to it. 

Choose a platform

Once your target audience and aim is set you can move on to deciding on a platform. Will it be shown on your company’s facebook page? Used as a pre-roll ad on Youtube? Or it will be the first thing that comes up on the website? The choice of platform will determine both the length and the way your message will be conveyed. A website video can easily be up to two mins. while a YouTube pre-roll has to be six to ten secs. 

Invision it

In the process of planning your video try to sketch up how you see the final product. Whether you choose to create a physical mood board or a YouTube-wishlist it will help the production company you hire a great deal to grasp the idea of what exactly you want.

And lastly, just remember: One size does not fit all when it comes to promo videos. So, do spend time on the planning of your video and have fun with it!