October 6, 2017 nikita

Why Storyboard?

Why Storyboard? 

You probably have a really awesome idea for an upcoming video that will burst your company’s facebook page with likes and make your website blossom. You might even have the script down. So why storyboard? Storyboarding is essentially the process of systematically mapping out that idea you have in head on a piece of digital or actual paper. Here is why it’s a great idea for both you as a client and the video production crew you hired: 

It guarantees 
that you get exactly what you want

A picture tells more than a thousand words: You might have a crystal-clear image of how you see the video turning out and simply expressing it with words doesn’t cover it. Surely, the video production crew knows how to turn your wishes into cool content, but they are not mind-readers and might interpret the script differently. A storyboard helps avoid the misinterpretation and guarantees that your vision gets turn into reality.

Basically, creating a storyboard before your crew dives into filming, ensures that everyone is on the same page, and helps resolve potential misunderstandings already in the pre-production phase. It simply gives you a visual common-ground that you can always refer back to while out in the field.

It saves time in post-production

Sitting with a storyboard will ease the editor’s job and save hours in post-production, resulting in a faster delivery. This in the end results in money being saved on extra remakes and additional versions of the video. A storyboard is therefore a great tool to make the overall production more efficient and ensure a faster, more satisfying delivery.

However, it should be noted that it is only relevant in production of promos, animation videos, infomercials or the like, and cannot be put into play in the production of post-event videos or other products where the visual outcome is more unpredictable.